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NEW: The UDB7mini uses the new ICM-20600 sensor, which has even lower gyro drift than the ICM-20689 used in the UDB6mini. And MatrixPilot support has already been added for this updated hardware.

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The UDB7mini (UAV Development Board version 6, miniature version) is based on the UAVDevBoard5, originally co-designed by Bill Premerlani and SparkFun. The UDB7mini comes populated with a dsPIC33FJ256A CPU, and ICM-20600 (3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer).

By itself, the board can be used to develop a three axis IMU controller. By addition of an EM506 or uBlox M8Q GPS receiver, it can be used to develop a UAV controller for an RC car, plane, helicopter, multirotor, or boat. The open source MatrixPilot project provides a fully functional autopilot firmware, or its libraries can be used as a starting point for you to develop your own control and navigation firmware (example projects are included).

We’ve made a few changes from the original SparkFun UDB5. The external EEPROM has been removed, and the PCB's form factor is now smaller, and includes cut-away sections with mounting holes, for those who want as small a package as possible. There is also new hardware support for directly interfacing with the built-in voltage and current sensors included in some Castle Creations ESC models, using the CastleLinkLive protocol. Additionally, in the UDB7mini, we changed the sensor package from the ICM-20689 to the newer ICM-20600, which has even lower gyro drift than its cousins.

The board is 2.2" x 1.1" with the mounting hole strips, or 1.7" x 1.1" if you cut them off.
The UDB7mini along with the uBlox GPS linked below and the connecting cable, adds just under 1oz (~20g) to your plane.

Note: For programming (required), we recommend the Microchip PICkit4.

Note: A GPS module is not included. The following GPS units are recommended. The uBlox M8 is tiny and has the best accuracy and responsiveness. One tested option is here. (Choose the 6-pin SH connector.) The EM-506 is very well tested, and easiest to wire up.

You can find the Matrix Pilot software repository here.

This project is Open Hardware! Board schematics and layout files (in Kicad format) are here.

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